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My Lunch Money Property Millionaire  
Saturday, 23 June 2012, 09:30am - 01:30pm
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Calling all experienced & first-time property investors,
Mums & Dads, anyone approaching retirement and all those
looking to grow their wealth and secure their financial future...
There is a way for you to create a high growth property portfolio, using as little as a $1 deposit to get started and costing you very little (if anything) to hold...
I've already helped 307 people do just that using my proven Lunch Money Property Model... the great majority of those using just a $1 deposit and costing nothing more than their lunch money (or less!) to hold.

I used this exact system myself to create a multi-million dollar property portfolio that enabled me to retire at just 38 and enjoy life with my young family (even though I'd never really earned more than an average wage!).

And now here is your chance to learn this step-by-step system for your own property investing success.

With growing numbers of people wanting to know how I did it and how I've helped so many others do it too, I'm hosting a limited number of half day seminars where I will be giving you the "best of the best" of what I've learned about growing wealth through property. I've even subsidised the $149 ticket price, so it costing you nothing to attend!

I look forward to seeing you at one of the limited number of
upcoming events.

Register for your FREE Tickets now.

To Your Success,
More than 300 people have purchased properties using the strategies outlined in Phil's proven Lunch Money Model.

Here's what they have to say about this easy to do, low cost, no hassle way for regular Australians to get out from under the burden of debt and high mortgage payments and easily grow their wealth through property investing...

Future looks bright: We added 2 properties for $1...
and so did my parents and brother
"It's been a big year, our first baby arrived, my wife finished work, I changed jobs, we added a property in our Self Managed Super Fund, plus we added another investment property using just $1. Best of all, our total holding costs are just $29/week."
Dean Maunder, QLD
In just 6 months I have purchased 2 new properties in my own name and another within my Super Fund.
"I have always believed that property was a great investment and a good way to provide me with a more secure future. When I heard of Phil's Lunch Money Property Seminar, I already had 1 investment property as well as my own home, but I knew that it and my Super fund was not enough to ensure a comfortable retirement, and was looking for something more. I had never "formalised" my ideas on property investment, but everything that Phil said at the seminar confirmed my own ideas and just "made sense". He has that rare ability to take complex ideas and state them in a simple, easy to understand manner and has converted them into a risk reducing strategy for creating wealth. In just 6 months I have purchased 2 new properties in my own name and another within my Super Fund.  And with the expertise of the helpful and friendly tam that Phil has assembled, I am ensuring my and my children's, financial future. This is without a doubt the best example of a "win/win" situation that I have ever come across."

Gary Staples, NSW
Using Phil's Lunch Money Model I've purchased
5 high growth properties that cost me NOTHING to hold
"I bought three houses by other means prior to meeting Phil and in hindsight, I wouldn't buy them again. These initial houses generally have low capital growth and are costing me a fair amount of money to hold on to. Since learning Phil's Lunch Money Model, I have bought 5 more properties, which are a much better deal than my first 3 and they don't cost me anything to hold on to. I have been to all of the available property seminars and talked to a lot of people and Phil's are the best by far. I would highly recommend that you do Phil's seminar. If you are serious about building a property portfolio you won't regret it."

Jon Cole, NSW
We now sleep peacefully at night knowing we can enjoy an earlier retirement
"After many years of wondering how to increase wealth without big risks, we now sleep peacefully at night thanks to Phil, his Lunch Money Model and the professionalism. Of his team Our first investment property is occupied and we look forward to increasing our portfolio to secure an earlier and enjoyable retirement."

John & Linda Meehan
Two new properties will provide future opportunities for our children
"My wife and I own two units and were keen to buy more but found it impossible to get into the current market as land prices have soared in the last decade. Thanks to Phil and his team we are now making use of his powerful Lunch Money Model and purchasing two new properties. Phil's model is very sound and is enabling us to build our assets so that we can provide future opportunities for our children. Thank you Phil and your team - you are wonderful!"

Ian Hobbs
We wish we'd found Phil sooner
"After twelve years of previous property investing experience we wish we found Phil Anderson sooner. His model offers a friendly, painless, informative and incredibly effective way of buying real estate for investment. The passion that Phil and his team has shown just gives you a feeling of security knowing that they have your interests at heart without the giant asking price that is so typical of many so-called real estate/investment gurus. I would recommend their services and expertise to anybody considering using real estate as an investment vehicle."

Glen Johnson & Roz Hutchison
The rental return is even better than I expected!
"I just inspected my investment property which I will own in my Self Managed Super Fund. Driving into the suburb I was impressed by the area, quality homes in a great location near a shopping mall. I loved the house from the front immediately. It had instant appeal. The builders had done a great job with the plan and the house has been finished off well with practical and modern fittings.

I was lucky to meet my property manager who showed us through. She told us there were always people looking for rental properties and this property would be in the executive range reaching $370 per week in rent. Our initial rent appraisal had suggested $340 per week, so the rent had increased in the time it took to build it.

Phil's team has done a great job finding such a great property and a fabulous investment for me. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to take it up and look forward to the next quality investment, to achieve my financial goals. "

Keri McSweeny.
I was struggling to build a property portfolio on a
6-figure salary and now with Phil's model,it really is possible to do it with just my lunch money!
"Phil's seminar was recommended to me by a friend and, although I trust her judgement, I must admit I arrived pretty skeptical. I mean, how could it really be possible to build a property portfolio with lunch money?? I was struggling to do it with a 6 figure salary! Over the course of the day, all my questions were answered - it really is possible. And I'm going to do it. You'd be crazy not to."

Kirsten Terry
Purchased our first property within 3 months.
Now we have 1 in our Self Managed Super Fund and 2 others we purchased for just a $1 deposit!
"We had been wanting to start property investment for a few years. After migrating to Australia we felt we needed to catch if we were going to have a comfortable retirement, so we went to several seminars, where they created wild expectations, which made us skeptical. Then we went to Phil's seminar and warmed to his different approach, his candidness, his track record of success, and his attitude to "take it slowly, don't go into a deal unless all the criteria stack up well". Using the experts in his team to assess our situation and give us advice every step of the way, we bought our first property within 3 months and had a tenant lined up before settlement. Although we thought we would be able to buy just one property every 3 years, instead now we've been able to buy 3 properties – 1 in our super and the other 2 with just $1 deposits! In addition, Phil's team have negotiated better deals for us than we could have dreamed of. We are already planning our next investment."

Denise Moolenschot, VIC
I had previously lacked the time and the confidence – now with Phil's help I've just signed my first 2 properties!
"Whilst I understood the fundamentals of the Lunch Money Model from past property investment experience, I lacked the time to do the market research and therefore confidence to know when and where to buy and at what price point. After meeting Phil and his team, I now feel confident I have a partner who will steer me in the right direction and help utilise my earning and equity capacity for maximum gain – and within a reasonable timeframe. The support from Phil, Gordon and Lorraine has been fantastic and I've just signed on my first 2 properties – with one of them in my new SMSF that will help fund my retirement in ways my super could never have worked. Thanks guys. I look forward to buying property #3 in 2-3 years!"

Mark Schneider, VIC
We are now confident that our future plans of a lifestyle more focused around family will become a reality
"It's not the thought of retiring early that brought us together with Phil and his team, but a desire and the possibility of being in the driver's seat to create real financial freedom and security in our lives. We found ourselves trying to navigate through the numerous investment opportunities out there, often becoming overwhelmed with pressure to 'get in right'. After listening to Phil step through the Lunch Money Model to creating wealth, we both knew this was the plan for us. Since then we have been fortunate enough to view firsthand the quality products, workmanship and professionalism delivered by associated developers when visiting our recently completed property, built in an area identified as being a 'Hotspot' location."

Shane and Cindy Bramley
You don't have to be crushed by debt to build your wealth through property.
I meet people all the time who are getting crushed under the burden of the debt they've taken on in the supposed quest to build wealth through property.

And it impacts just about everyone…young people trying to get started, families looking to build some wealth and people approaching retirement wanting to boost their nest egg.

So many people are paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a month to hold the same property portfolios I teach people to acquire and hold, often with very little of their own money.

Relieving that burden frees you up to live the life you really want, right now, rather than being chained to loan repayments that could be strangling you and robbing you of precious time with your family or doing others things you love.

Click here to register nowWe escaped the Rat Race -
4 new properties in the past 18 months and working on 2 more!
"When I met Phil 18 months ago I was trapped in the rat race working in the corporate world. Since then Phil has helped us add 4 new properties and we are working on 2 more. We have purchased 2 properties inside our super fund, and by doing so we have put a rocket under what was a lagging super performance. Now our property investments are so well planned it's basically set and forget. I'm now able to work from home, my husband and I now have more time for our young family and we feel secure knowing we are on a path to a very bright future."
Lorraine Nielsen, Townsville, QLD

So how does it work?
Using the strategies I have developed and proven in my own life and the lives of hundreds others, I can help you:

Identify properties and geographic areas offering you the best capital growth
Understand and utilise new laws to purchase property using your Super money
Make the most of your current equity
Understand how to purchase properties below valuation
Find effective finance strategies
Understand how you can grow your wealth through property using very little (if any) of your own money
Using my superannuation balance to purchase property and
outperform the fund managers!
"After years of poor performance from my managed super funds, Phil introduced me to new government laws that have allowed me to take back control of my super and put a rocket under my superannuation balance through property investments without using a cent out of my own pocket."

Jay Sheppard, Hunter Valley, NSW
Upcoming Event Dates for 2012
Sat 16 Jun 2012

The Grace Hotel
9.30am to 9.50amEvent Times:
10.00 am to 1.30pm

Sat 23 Jun 2012

Mercure Melbourne Treasury Gardens
9.30am to 9.50am

Event Times:
10.00 am to 1.30pm

Sat 30 Jun 2012

Citigate Perth
9.30am to 9.50am

Event Times:
10.00 am to 1.30pm

Sat 07 Jul 2012

Mercure Hotel Brisbane
9.30am to 9.50am

Event Times:
10.00 am to 1.30pm

My Lunch Money Property Millionaire model can help a range of people, including

First-time investors looking for sound, strategic information on where, when and what to buy
Experienced investors looking for advanced strategies such as investing in property via Self Managed Super Funds
Homeowners looking to leverage their equity
People with limited cashflow wanting to find an innovative strategy to kick-start their property investing
Salary earners wanting to get their tax dollars working FOR them
Mums and Dads wanting to spend more time with their families – many people who learn these strategies get to throw in their day jobs!
People approaching retirement who are looking to bolster their nest egg
Anyone who would like to learn how they can retire on $5million plus
The Lunch Money Property Plan has helped hundreds of people over the past two years grow their wealth through real estate…

Location for this event date is Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


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